So Mickey D’s is selling Mac and Cheese? Hmmm.

Yes you read right.

CLEVELAND, OHIO—Selected McDonald’s locations are selling macaroni & cheese. So make room, kid’s meal chicken nuggets and hamburger! Mac and cheese has joined the club. But if you want some mac and cheese as an a la carte option, it’ll be $1.75.



According to, a McDonald’s employee said “the product [comes] frozen . . . mac and cheese has 190 calories, about the same as a four-piece McNugget”. Basically, instead of eating a Happy Meal consisting of a cheeseburger, fries and a drink, you can choose to eat a Happy Meal consisting of Mac & Cheese, fries, and a drink. Wow!

As of right now, it’s unknown if McDonald’s would expand this new menu item elsewhere.

Me, personally, I wouldn’t order mac and cheese from McDonald’s. I’ll stick to the fries, nuggets, plain sundaes and $1 drinks.


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