Margin Kings is a hip hop group from the UK that represents and embodies Hip Hop soul. The R&B/ Hip Hop group is bringing a unique sound and appeal to the music world. Margin Kings consists of 4 group members, 3 males and one female. It’s not everyday we witness a coed musical group especially in today’s music, this is an intriguing and refreshing concept because there’s a female voice in the group, which can be relate-able for female listeners out there. Margin Kings sound is a mixture of legendary hip hip groups Digable Planets and The Fugees. The group’s vibe is very serene but also vibrant and spirited. Margin Kings has a new album called The Waiting Room which is their debut album as a group. This album is soulful, fiery and expressive. The Waiting Room is an album full of vivid poetry and passionate artistry. It’s actually shocking this is the group’s first ever album together, because there’s so much substance and true quality. The hip hop group has natural chemistry together and from the musical arrangements to the brilliant lyricism, everything sounds lively. When listening to this genius album, you can tell Margin Kings sound is very late 90’s, early 2000’s inspired. The 6th track on the album called “The Juice” has an early 2000’s JaRule Murder Inc. feel to it, with a twist of Caribbean inspired synths. The rap flow on the song sounds gritty and stimulates the ear from the moment the first verse comes on. Lorenzo Storm brings magical vocals on the hook which captivates your heart, because his voice is effortlessly soulful and is like the cherry on top when listening to this hot number. Adding female member Selz on the bridge was a wise choice because her smooth vocals add a mesmerizing flow for the song. Selz voice has an Alicia Keys feel to it, which really creates an R&B vibe to the song. GVO (Good Vibes Only) is a mid tempo song with an alluring sound from the moment you press play. This song truly gives tribute to old school R&B. Between the magnificent R. Kelly “Seem’s Like Your Ready” sample and the bridge which was Usher “Nice and Slow” inspired, there’s no way this song can disappoint. What I truly enjoy about Margin Kings is they have a modern sound but don’t lose sight of the soul. R&B music is slowly fading away, and Margin Kings are bringing back the soulful energy that is lacking in mainstream music. I interviewed the UK hip hop soul group to find out more about the group overall and their creative process:

Q: Where are you guys from?

Margin Kings: Margin Kings are a UK R&B/Hip hop from London & Bedford.

Q: Tell me all of your names and tell me what formula each group member brings to the table.

Margin Kings: The group consists of 4 members; Lorenzo Storm & Selz who are the singers in the group, with Selz being the only female in the group and you have Reece Rydar and Rico Marvel who are the rappers. Each member of the group brings a different element which derives from their background. With Reece being the more ‘gritty’ of the rappers, growing up in a more harsher estate surrounding and Rico being the more smoother rapper growing up outside the city in a town called Bedford. Lorenzo Storm is the only male singer in the group, with his vocals gliding over the track when he sings, raised in London also and Selz, the only female in the group bringing forth a different dimension from her male counterparts and rounding it off.

Q: Tell me how the Margin Kings got together? What inspired you all to come together?

Margin Kings: The group got together through meeting each other by a mutual friend in a studio in Bedford. They recognized they all had a similar taste in music and at first, worked together as a movement, supporting each others individual projects as well as doing their own, before eventually deciding to merge together and become a group.

Q: Tell me more about your new album “The Waiting Room”. What was the creative process behind the album.

Margin Kings: The Waiting Room is the name of our recently released project, with the name deriving from the fact that they believe they’re at that place where they currently feel they’re ready to move on to the next stage in their music career. The songs in the project subliminally discuss what we have experienced whilst on our journey, with ‘They Know’ being described as all about reassurance, ‘So Fine’ being about them wanting to move on the next stage in their career and imaging what it will be like once they get there, ‘The Juice’ being a display of what each member brings to the the table, almost their own CV if you will and so on.

Q: What can we expect from this new album?

Margin Kings: The Waiting Room, is Margin Kings first ever project as a group and what they expect from this project is mostly awareness and an introduction to make people aware of who they are and their sound.

Q: Tell me more about your single “Friendzone”. What was the concept behind this record?

Margin Kings:  The concept behind Friendzone typically is when someone likes another person but they only see that person as a friend and nothing more, which is always going to be devastating for the person on the receiving end of this information, but in rare cases, that person is often able to turn that circumstance around finally come out of the ‘just a friend’ light and be something more. In regards to Margin Kings and their music, they feel that through their journey, the sound which their music is based around is being complimented but isn’t yet fully being accepted on the wider scale, however, slowly and surely it is happening and this where the concept behind the song comes from.


Margin Kings are the future of music and creating a sound that has so much diversity, and pushes the limit against the typical music of 2016. If you like feel good music that capitvates the soul, Margin Kings needs to be on your playlist right now! To listen/download Margin Kings music, you can find “The Waiting Room” album on AppleMusic and every music streaming site.

Streaming/download link:


Checkout some of the group’s new music below!

“The Juice”- Margin Kings


“So Fine”- Margin Kings


“They Know”- Margin Kings

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