We need more talented artist out there!!

Listening to music back in the day isn’t the same anymore like it is today. Rappers such as Tupac, B.I.G. notorious, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, and more just to name a few, are talented rappers.  What we mean by talented rappers and talented music is us people want a story.  We want to visual, not only what the rapper is saying but things they went through in life and get a clear picture in our head. We feel like music today is nothing but popular artists that comes out with a new album and rapping about almost the same thing over and over again in their music. (Money, Bitches, Foreign cars, diamonds on my wrist and etc.) Also, because of how the beat is being produced in Hip Hop music. Many people would like to hear real music by talented artists because that way people can relate to it.  Whether if it’s something that happen to someone’s past or making a change in the community.  More people will listen to more music when it relates to something and it makes sense rather than rapping about nonsense.  People should listen to talented music because it’s real music that such rapper is telling a story which makes that rapper talented for an example Ross Capicchioni. We listen to the words and not only that he is very descriptive and he elaborates on what’s happening in his life. Also, his words felt real where we end up tearing.  This is why this was a depressing story, but people end up loving the music either way.  It makes us want to listen more from that particular artists. It also makes people talk about the music where other people are interested to hear. We want to hear more talented music from talented artists because in today’s society there’s about 80-95% rappers that are not talented.  Still people give higher rates about them on sound cloud and YouTube. It is sad because I feel like talented artist deserve higher rates and feeds in social media, their music is real and it’s not repetitive, where they continue to talk about the same thing in every music.  Although, there’s nothing wrong listening to new artist such as Young Thug, Future, Drake, and etc. but there is just not enough talent  out there and those rappers rap about the same thing in their music.

Joyner Lucas, Ross Capicchioni


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