Rapper Lil Wayne has been in hot water for the past 24 hours. Lil’ Wayne said some controversial comments regarding activist group Black Lives Matter. The hip hop superstar recently said in an interview with ABC News that he doesn’t really understand the concept and meaning behind “Black Lives Matter”. Lil Wayne said that Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with him. The Grammy Award winning artist told ABC News’ Linsey Davis these exact words: “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me” he also added “My life matter, especially to my b*****. After that comment, Lil Wayne added a wink toward the camera. According to USAToday.com the rapper walked out of the interview furious stating that he’s not a politician. After Wayne’s blunt comments about the activist movement group, fans on twitter felt betrayed and couldn’t believe one of the biggest artists of this generation would have such a narrow minded view on the subject of race in america and police brutality toward minorities. One of the biggest controversial comments that didn’t sit right with people on social media was the fact that Lil Wayne felt since he’s a successful black man there’s no need for movements such as black lives matter. The ABC Nightline reporter also asked Lil Wayne about his degrading lyrics, calling women b***** and h***. Wayne responded and said “All those same lyrics made me who I am and I am a very successful man. So, if it takes me to be degrading, then, man, please keep looking out for more, ’cause it’s coming, baby.” Linsey Davis then added another insightful question, she asked the rapper what if his daughter was being called these degrading names? Lil Wayne said “By a certain person, they’re coming directly at her , yeah” also, “If they’re calling her a b****or a h**, i have a huge problem with that…” According to blog site TMZ, Lil Wayne took a step back from his black lives matter comments on Wednesday. The rapper apologized for causing offense, and hurting a community of people with his words. Lil Wayne said “When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a b**** and a h**, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses.” Off the record: Lil Wayne seems like an educated hip hop artist with a lot to offer the world. Offer the world your intelligence, don’t offer the world ignorance and don’t mislead those who look up to you. Maybe Lil Wayne doesn’t have a connection with activist groups like Black Lives Matter, but the reality is he’s basically saying as long as he’s making money, he can’t connect with the injustice in this country. At the end of the day, he may not of have dealt with police brutality, or injustice in society personally, but the fact that being black can cause such mishap is why Lil Wayne should respect and support the Black Lives Matter movement. For a public figure (who’s also a minority) to make a mockery out of a movement that is an outcry to help toward racial injustice in our country is truly baffling and eye opening to how money can make people feel different from the next person, when the black community and all minority groups go through similar struggles in America.  Rich or poor, your skin color and the stereotypical depictions that are placed on Black America do not change by economic class. Wake up Weezy. What do all the readers out there think? Do you think Lil Wayne went to far with his comments or do you agree with everything he said?






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