Lee Mazin drops a heartfelt single “Miss You”  to remember the lives of her beloved lost ones. The single features rising Philadelphian star Nizzy Strawz who’s raw talent effortlessly exceeds his age.Lee Mazin
As you may remember Mazin’s introduction into the industry as Meek Mills artist and her debut mixtape following her strong performance at powerhouse, the Philly native has been consistently rising in the game.. and not only as a rapper. Currently as an independent artist Lee has been working hard adding many titles to the name she has already made for herself. Most recently Lee has been on Sisterhood Of Hip-hop and released a single called “Na NANA”. Not only is she a performer and producer of her own music but she also writes for others, creating music for all genres from Hip Hop to Pop and can even drop nasty freestyle. Its safe to say her versatility is what sets her aside from many artist of our era.
In this newest release ” Miss You” from Mazin you will hear her pour her emotions onto a track with the help of Nizzy Strawz. It wouldn’t be Lee Mazin if she didn’t switch it up for us , she slows down this track adding sentimental vibes to her delivery. Keep up with Lee Mazin as she remains one of Phillys Finest. Check out her New single Feat Nizzy Strawz below:


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