Brooklyn collective Beach Fossils have come out with their first recording in four years – This Year. It’s the lead single of the forthcoming Somersault LP, that will be with us on June 2nd.

It has plenty of the ingredients that make Beach Fossils, but with a few fresh sounds. The most obvious change is the orchestral element, which combines nicely with Dustin Payseur’s relaxed vocal and ever present lower harmony blend. The drums are less ’80’s new wave’ and more standard than before, but the guitars and bass are typically hooky and intertwining.



Sonically this track has a wealth of different features and they’ve really succeeded in making them work as a unit. Structurally the song is fairly straight laced, but these elements make it anything but.

It will be very interesting to hear what more Somersault has in store and I’ll be watching closely for the announcement of a New York date this summer.

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