With all the turmoil in the world and differing opinions on how to solve it all, I feel resorting to name-calling is the epitome of a lazy cop-out. Calling people stupid, or bad, or whatever- does not help anyone or any cause.

I understand that sometimes, especially people who live and deal in controversy, need a release since they are consistently criticized about ideas and solutions that are very important to them. I feel that whole-heartily, my life is composed of controversy, and with friends and family I do blow off steam and call people who disagree with me names.



But when it comes to solutions and genuine conversations about how to improve the world, calling people “stupid” solves absolutely nothing.

To move towards a more controversial note, when discussing issues that have no clear answer, such as folks involved in the prison system, the laziest answer is that “people suck” “or some people are just inherently “bad”.

What do those words do? Those are not answers? The goal should be to decrease the number of incarcerated people, and if that is the case, we must find out why people do the heinous actions they do.

Many describe delving deeper into the reasons as to why people act a certain way as futile and looking for excuses for bad behavior.

There is a massive difference between reasons and excuses. Excuses justifies certain actions, where as reasons explain why they occurred in the first place. Reasons can help people understand why awful things happen, and potential ways to prevent them from occurring in the future.

This may not be the most interesting or important article out there, but I think this needs to be said. If we want genuine change, we need to do the hard work. There is no easy solution. People are not “stupid” because of where they fall on the political or any other spectrum.

We need to listen to why other people feel the way they do, and ideally find some mutual understanding and common goal.

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