Y’all, lashes are an enhancement to the T, honey. I discovered this fact this past summer when I started getting into lashes. Now I’m going to be honest, sometimes the lashes feel heavy on the eyes; but no worries, there are some lightweight lashes. But besides all that, lashes are something beautiful and here’s a few pictures to prove it. There are different types of lashes: strips and individuals. Plus, there are natural looking lashes to the BIG BOLD lashes. So whichever style fits, it’s there.




Did you guys see the transformation? From no lashes to va voom-ing? Beautiful right?

Lashes are trending! Some people wear lashes if they don’t have any lashes or they just want to add some length to their lashes. So if you’re interested in how to apply them, then here’s a video for you. I watched this same video and since then I’ve been rocking them.

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