Mater P has announced the release of his new biopic “King Of the South”. It all goes down this summer in his New Orleans hometown where the film will be shot. To make this project even more exciting, the biopic will be featuring “The Wires” Wendell Pierce aKing of the Southlong with legendary Queen Latifah. As stated in a recent interview, Master P believes the timing is right for him to tell his story. Along with the triumphs of his record label, The film will portray the struggles and hardships endured while trying make a name for himself in the rap game. Master P states that he wants others to learn from his mistakes as well as understand his work ethic of never giving up and believing in yourself. Coming from a tough, poverty environment Master P gives us a taste of what life was like growing up and trying to be successful in his era.

“The timing is right for me to tell my story. It was tough back then especially being from the South, New Orleans was the murder capital at the time. I want others to learn from my mistakes and understand my work ethic of never giving up, no matter what it may look like… if you believe in yourself, keep your faith in God strong and stay close to your family, you can accomplish anything”

Although we don’t know yet how Queen Latifahs role will contribute to the film, its been said she will be playing as Master P’s mother. As the music mogul takes his life to the big screen he wishes to use this as an opportunity for New Orleans natives to land major acting roles as well as to create authenticity while giving them their one “Shot”. Roles that need to filled include Master P, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder, Mia X and others. Open Casting calls are being held for New Orleans Natives April 4th at 11am until 5pm in Gretna, Louisiana.

“I believe there are so many talented actors and actresses that just need a shot.”

Check out the official Master P movie teaser below:

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