Boxer braids have been a popular trend lately, but is it new? Ever since MTV UK gave credit to Kim Kardashian West for starting the boxer braids trend, black women are less than thrilled.

The article was posted on Friday, giving a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the look and even posted photos of a few celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Kay Perry, sporting the look. The article is sparking a lot of backlash from black women who are quickly realizing that the braids are not a “new favorite”, but simply the old classic cornrows. They argue that black women have been rocking cornrows for centuries and were even rebuked for it. Is it fair for white and non-black women to take it, and adopt it as their own?

In an interview with the Daily Mail, hair stylist Marta Nunes stated that boxer braids or “the double-dutch braids” are different from cornrows, mainly pointing out differences in the braiding process.

In this situation is kinda mixed. Yeah it sucks that something that’s been in existence for a long time is getting misappropriated re-emergence, but usually things like this happen. 2016 is becoming the year of nostalgia.

All I can say is while black people made the hairstyle, it seems like white folks popularized it and that there is the huge difference. It’s similar to getting a book published and then having it popularized by making a movie, in my opinion. But what do you think?

Is it a “new” style or just cornrows?

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Photos Courtesy of Instagram/KimKardashian

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