This song brings a message to us all.....

As many of you know, there’s a song that we all like to vibe to, especially if its a song that connects to our lives and our society today. Such as Police officers shooting at the blacks whether they innocent or not, Gang violence, Drug dealers, robbers, and etc. Everything that goes around we see it on television and that is called the news. Now picture the news a being transformed into music. From the song “alright” we can connect to what kendrick’s words. This song is needed now more than ever.  This song fits in today’s situation on what we going through now. This is the type of rap we like to listen to because it brings a message, a message that we not only feel but we can picture and see. What makes Kendrick so great is the number of words and rhymes he could fit into a verse and still have all make sense and tie up nicely at the end. Also, Kendrick’s song has a deeper meaning than any other rapper such as Drake, Future, Migos, etc.If u understand Kendrick’s songs and know what he’s talking about, he makes u go like “Damn” like every other line in the lyrics.

Kendrick Lamar


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