On Fox’s American Idol (fifteenth and final season) last night, it was an emotional moment for 33-year-old Kelly Clarkson (winner of American Idol season one) as she moved the judges, the audience and even herself into tears as she sang, “Piece by Piece.” We always knew that you had that kind of power, Kell!

The crowd cheered with their hands in the air, clapping, when television host, Ryan Seacrest, 41, presented “Kelly Clarkson” as thin and white strobe lights shined down on the pop star with purple lights glowing and stars lightening up in her background when she began to sing.

Kelly Clarkson


During her performance, Clarkson choked up quite a bit, feeling even too overwhelmed to even finish some of the words to the song. There was one moment when Clarkson said, “Sorry” to everyone and continued on singing. Two judges, in particular, Jennifer Lopez, 46, and Keith Urban, 49, were also delivering their waterworks.

After Clarkson’s performance, Seacrest, “took to the stage, acknowledging the amount of emotion in the ‘incredible’ song and performance” and Clarkson explained why this song got her all choked up saying, “I’m pregnant and it’s nostalgic and I can’t believe it’s the last season,” and “Yeah, really sorry I just bawled,” according to People. You’re a legend, Kell!

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