This song Brings back the old times....

You remember  the feeling growing up in 2008-2009, the best time of R&B music.  Looking at the video, Kanye West is very creative and uses his pictures wisely including his words. It is clear to us that he shows us different women in the video to get a clear picture of what happened to his love life.  He also  tells us his emotions based on that as far as how he feels.  It is not like he is calling out of their name such as  “Bitch, “Thot” and etc. He’s careful on how he say things in his music because he wants to make sense in his music and not just throw random words in there to make his music sound good. For an example, where people are like ” yeah this  is bars” but really it’s not. Kanye West is very smooth with his music where we can understand where he is coming from  and we want that in music. The beat with this music is excellent and the fact that Kanye  rapping on the beat and   being descriptive with his words is amazing. Especially in music, the video is also important because it goes back to making sense of artists lyrics. Also,  It shows how different he is from other rappers and does his music in a unique way, to show viewers who he really is. So the more we listen to his music, we know kanye west got talent and skills.

Kanye West

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