They’re going at it again? Over what this time you’re asking. Well here it is . . . .

Singer Kimberly “K Michelle” Pate and Lil’s Wayne ex-wife/babymama Antonia “Toya” Wright took shots at each other under The Shade Room’s Instagram page. They’re going at it again? What does “again” mean? Back in 2012, during the airing of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, K Michelle announced that she was abused by Toya’s “at the time” husband, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright three years prior to the show. Toya discredited K Michelle and her story only for the truth to come out last year. Memphitz admitted to abusing K Michelle.

Recently, the two women went at it after The Shade Room posted an art of Toya’s book cover called “How To Lose A Husband.”

how to


As some of you know K Michelle is the queen of “PE” and the princess of “TY”. And when she saw this post, she decided to go in. She left crying smiley face emojis in the comment section.

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Toya saw this and threw her shot.

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Toya took to her Instagram a post stating “I’m so here for all these petty bitches tonight” captioning it “I got time.” That witty K Michelle responded to this post.

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Toya didn’t quit. She said something back.

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