Jhene Aiko & Big Sean Would Make A Cute Couple

According to numerous blog sites, hip hop megastars JHENE AIKO & BIG SEAN have been getting real cozy lately.  As you know, Jhene and Big Sean recently released a joint album called TWENTY88. Rumors instantly swirled that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko were more than just friends or musical partners. During album release, fans thought the two artists were just portraying a relationship as a story line for their album,  but there may be more to this story line than most think. Jhene Aiko recently filed for divorce from producer Dot Da Genius, there also have been rumors and allegations that Big Sean came between the two newlyweds. Last week Jhene dropped a major hint about her and Big Sean by posting a #MCM post on Instagram,which shows Big Sean giving her an affectionate kiss that gave a vibe of “more than just friends.” Also, according to blog website The Shade Room, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean were spotted together at Universal Studios Hollywood. There’s a lot of hints linking these two together. The two potential lovebirds have been so mysterious with their affair, only time will tell if these two are an official item. Jhene and Big Sean would make a great couple. Both talented, Both seem down to earth, plus their chemistry was insane on the TWENTY88 album. Now that Aiko is a single woman maybe this is perfect timing for a true love story to begin. What do you guys think?Do you think these two are a couple or do you think it’s just a fling?Or are these two just friends despite rumors? 


img_1367fullsizerender-1              (Picture on the left is from Jhene’s official instagram @jheneaiko; The photo on the right is from this previous weekend at Universal Studios Hollywood, posted by The Shade Room this morning 10/17/2016)

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