Jay-Z For Public Office?

Jay-Z gave an eloquent precise narration via the NY Times animated illustration depicting the epic fail of the inception of the War on Drugs by Richard Nixon in 1971 to present day.   Being a child of the inner city, I beard witness first had to the side effects of the mass incarceration of black people that were disproportionately arrested due to drug charges that their other white counterparts wouldn’t receive. I appreciate how Jay-Z is using his notoriety to keep this issue in the forefront as a pressing social issue. Jay-z isn’t new to revealing his stance on a wide range of social issues from Black Lives Matter, Police Brutality and the War on Drugs.  While America is fighting a legislative internal civil war over the legalization of marijuana, which already deems disproportionately unfair by the racial make up of dispensary ownership.

Jay-z, NY Times


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