Im betterMissy Elliot has made her return bringing us a brand new music video to her new single “I’m Better“ featuring Lamb. The legendary Hip Hop icon dropped the video today almost everywhere and similar to most popular Missy videos this one is interesting and unusual. “I’m Better” features Missy Elliot dressed as a bird with feathers and black lipstick. With phenomenal choreography by Sean Bankhead, they managed to have dancers in platinum wigs hanging from suspenders as if they are puppets and with consistent precision have them dancing with props like yoga balls. The new single “I’m better“ is confirmation that Missy Elliot effortlessly evolves with Hip Hop, everything from the actual visual, her fashion sense and trap influenced beat is proof she never gets old. Missy Elliot is slowly making her return and stated her absence was due to an immune illness known as Graves Disease. The MC has done well at keeping herself relevant and has so much in store such as her upcoming biography. Check out “I’m Better” music video and the trailer for the Missy Elliot’s biography below:


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