After five women accused Ian Connor of rape, many have turned against the fashion stylist known for hanging around Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.  Things then took an uglier turn when Connor was confronted by rapper/singer Theophilus London at a Paris boutique. After their fist fight was broken up inside, A$AP Mob’s rapper A$AP Bari came at Connor’s on the streets. Later on they both took to Twitter to add more fuel to the fire.

There’s someConnor and Kanyething interesting to note about Connor’s accusations of London being a child molester and London proclaiming that Connor is a rapist. When allegations against Connor first came out in April, London tweeted a photo of Connor and Kanye with the caption, “ian innocent, photo by me.”  Now that there’s issues between the two, London has pretty much admitted that he knew Connor had raped those girls (and possibly others), but now he may also be guilty of rape.

Obviously we can’t just go by what both guys are saying about one another with no evidence, but it brings up an interesting point about guys and rape culture.  Men have to not only be responsible for participating in rape culture, but also make sure they don’t sit by and watch their friends do it.

The phrase “boys will be boys” is no excuse for why guys encourage their friends to do something they clearly know is wrong and then hide their secrets for them. The fact that this type of information is now coming out just because these two are currently arguing with one another is ridiculous and disgusting.  If you know rape is happening regularly and you’re watching it happen, you are complicit in the crime.  Twitter beef shouldn’t be the guiding force behind you finally calling out someone for their wrongdoing.

Men have to do better for the sake of the children, women, and men who are faced with sexual abuse everyday.  It’s 2016 and everyone should know by now that no one deserves to be raped and no one brings it upon themselves.  If the company you keep is playing a part in this type of violence, do something about it.  Be an example, report what’s happened or prevent it from taking place. Create a dialogue amongst your guy friends and educate yourselves about the issue.  Being a celebrity or a male doesn’t excuse you from doing all you can to end rape culture.



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