Last night the biggest award ceremony in music aired on CBS! The 59th Annual Grammy Awards which was live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA sure was a captivating night in music! The Grammy’s theme was all about celebrating the past, present and future of music entertainment and whether at the show or at home watching the live show on television, you literally felt the tribute and triumph from music artists from various decades! The show’s host James Corden created a vibrant, humorous atmosphere for the show which gave the Grammy’s a refreshing energy this year. The performances this year were creative and displayed the positive direction of mainstream music. Some performances reflected history, authenticity, and spirituality that really touched millions of hearts but also revealed the unique timelessness of some artists talent and presence. The night overall was phenomenal, but these are the top 8 performances that truly made a magical mark on the exceptional night.

8.) Maren Morris and Alicia Key’s Passionate Duet performance of Morris‘ hit song “Once

The reason why this fiery performance stood out, was because of the unpredictability of the collaboration. The new country songstress teaming up with one of the biggest names in soul music today was a genius idea. Maren Morris’ song “Once” is a beautiful slow ballad with lyrics that are so relate-able all over the world. This song is the pure example of how music is the universal language, that connects everyone as one. Morris’ emotional vocals during this performance blended very well with Alicia’s soulful and raw vocals. This performance was more of an “unplugged” kind of vibe, which made the duet performance feel more humble and not over the top. I give Maren and Alicia 3.5 out of 5 stars, definitely a memorable performance from last night’s ceremony!

7.) The Weeknd’s Funky Performance of his top charter singles “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming”

The Weeknd revealed a different energy last night that really stood out as one of his best performances on an award show! I really loved the robotic themed performance from the R&B singer. The vibrancy, the love for the new material was all within the Weekend’s Ora during his soulful performance. Also, the fact that the Weeknd had the producers of the songs perform with him was truly a genius, creative idea. Futuristic producers Daft Punk really added to the live energy of the performance by really showing off their talent chops by performing with their synthesizers which are a big part of the unique funky sound the duo represents! This performance really didn’t seem choreographed, or seem forced. The chemistry between The Weeknd and Daft Punk was a true example of artistic and musical expression. You can tell The Weeknd is loving the direction his music is going, and as a viewer I thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Weeknd be in a true entertainer zone! I give The Weeknd’s performance 4 out of 5 stars!


6.) Adele’s Heartfelt Tribute performance to George Michael!

Pop singer Adele’s performance to the late great George Michael really made an impact on the millions of people who watched the Grammy’s last night. The reason why I felt this performance was one of the biggest highlights of the night was because it was beautifully imperfect. Adele rearranged George Michael’s hit song ” Fast Love“, and at first the songstress’ vocals were a bit shaky and droopy in a way. But, the singer fearlessly halted the song, and apologized to the crowd for her pause during mid song and asked the band to start from the top. This was a moment whether your an Adele fan or not, you had to give the singer her props in that moment. One of the vocalists biggest musical influences is George Michael, so it’s understandable that Adele would want to be spot on vocally. I felt that Adele stopping the performance in front of a large arena and in front of millions at home watching, that takes integrity. Adele not only displayed bravery, but also displayed her authentic respect for the legendary George Michael. The singer also showed that she’s human and takes her craft seriously. Once the singer started the song from the top, her unique cover of “Fast Love” sounded amazing and genuine from her soul, George Michael would of been proud! I give Adele’s performance 4 out 5 stars!

5.) Chance The Rapper’s Spiritual Performance that inspired us all!

Humble hip hop star and officially 3x Grammy winner Chance the Rapper had a heartfelt, soulful performance last night that really set the bar high for what a true hip hop artist sounds like! Chance had a prestigious night, not only winning 3 awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album, but also for having one of the most inspiring performances of the night! The Chicago rapper performed his songs “How Great” and “All We Got” alongside Gospel superstars Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin! This performance embraced spirituality, embraced the beauty of music and how influential the gospel of life can truly be. Chance’s humility and passionate rap flows throughout the song and Tamela’s emotional, profound vocals really created a magical, soulful performance. What made the performance even more stirring and moving was the passionate energy from Kirk Franklin and the astonishing vocals from the choir created an otherworldly beauty throughout the performance. This performance was so refreshing because this performance wasn’t about the “mainstream” image or sound, this performance was more about inspiring the soul. I give Chance the Rapper’s astounding performance 4 out of 5 stars!

4.) Queen Bey continues to Reign after Compelling Performance!

Beyonce always slays regardless of the circumstances, even currently being pregnant with twins, the pop queen still wears her crown! Beyonce’s performance had so many inspirational themes, and so many themes that encourage and emphasize black beauty, and also the beauty of motherhood! The singer performed numerous songs from her hit album Lemonade, but what made this performance so special and timeless were the powerful visuals, and the creative story that takes you on a journey throughout the performance. One of the most jaw dropping moments during this performance was watching a pregnant Beyonce sit on a levitating chair, that created a fearless illusion! The soul singer’s wardrobe during the performance really added to the beautiful goddess effect. Dressed in all gold sequence, the singer was the true example of an African queen. This performance was one of the biggest performances of the night because Beyonce aims to give a great show every time, the singer works so hard to give 100% for her fans and peers, this was an unforgettable performance that will definitely stand out as one of Beyonce’s most memorable and influential performances! I give Beyonce’s performance 4.5 out of 5!

3.) Bruno’s Sultry performance of his sexy song “That’s What I Like”!

I think it’s safe to say that Bruno Mars is the hottest artist in today’s music! Bruno Mars performed his hot new song “That’s What I Like” from his hit new album 24K Magic. Bruno’s performance were both alluring and seductive. The R&B singer and his band never fail to keep that old school energy alive! The most breathtaking moment was when Bruno and his background singers interacted with the audience, singing to all the women in the room! The singer’s sensual vocals were so intense you can tell he was making all the females in the audience melt. Between that sexy moment, and the beautiful harmonic blend Bruno and his band The Hooligans created, you felt like you were witnessing an early 90’s Jodeci concert. This performance was for the grown and sexy and truly made a special mark on the night! I give Bruno’s first performance of the night 4.5 out of 5 stars!


2.) ATCQ’s Performance took us on a Political Correct Journey!

Legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest really brought the heat last night! The hip hop group performed snippets of their classic songs “Can I Kick It” and “Award Tour” then took us on a political journey through the minds of The Tribe, performing songs from their new album “We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service“. The hip hop group performed “Movin’ Backwards” and “We the People” which are fiery societal songs that really speak the truth on what’s going on currently in America. The most intense part of this performance that really created a memorable energy was when rap legend Busta Rhymes made a surprise appearance during the performance. Rhymes referred to Donald Trump as “President Agent Orange” and also during the performance, The Tribe brought out people from different ethnic backgrounds, delivering a message to our president and his ignorant supporters. Don’t forget the part where the group played the late Phife Dawg’s rap verse from their new album, that was a touching moment in hip hop. This performance was well needed during a time where there’s such controversy and negativity within our society. This performance was the perfect wake up call for both our country and hip hop! I give A Tribe Called Quest’s performance 5 out of 5 stars!

1.) Prince Tribute that took us back to Purple Rain!

Last night’s most momentous moment that really stood out was the tribute to the late great Prince! Prince had such a huge influence on music from the past, present and future, so of course Prince’s tribute had to be out of this world, and it truly was! The best way to give tribute to a legend is to have artists who have worked with them personally, and artists who were highly influenced by their music and the Grammy’s picked the perfect blend of artists to make Prince’s tribute a once in a lifetime experience! The magical tribute started off with Prince’s best friend and artist Morris Day and his group The Time! Morris and the original hype man Jerome really took us back in time making us feel like we were watching the hit movie Purple Rain all over again. Morris Day and The Time performed “The Bird” and ” Love Jungle“, which instantly made you reminisce to the legendary scene in Purple Rain when Morris performed those classic numbers. After Morris and The Time performed those two hit songs, Bruno Mars performed one of Prince’s biggest hits “Let’s Get Crazy“! Bruno not only performed the song spot on, but he actually wore Prince’s vintage purple rain outfit which really resembled everything Prince was about as an artist and as a fashion trend setter. What really stood out was Bruno’s guitar solo during Lets Get Crazy. The multi talented artist really showcased his musical ability, and his guitar solo was just as accurate and beautiful as the original song. This performance was truly a one in a million kind of tribute that will really stand the test of time. Prince would of been proud! I give this Prince tribute performance 5 out of 5 stars!


Which performance from the Grammy Awards 2017 was your favorite and why? Share your thoughts!








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