Graduation is an exciting time for all the people who worked hard, earned those wonderful grades, paid that high tuition, and is now about to accomplish something they looked forward to. I graduate on Dec.9. I’m excited and blessed to receive my Bachelor’s in Journalism. And, I already know I’m going to put on my graduation slay. For those who like makeup and don’t know what kind of face to rock for that day, this is for you.

P.S.–This is going to a drugstore product article. Some of us college students can’t afford high end so I’m giving you some affordable, but yet, high quality recommendations.
1| FOUNDATION: If you’re an oily person, then I highly recommend a matte & oily skin friendly foundation. I currently wear Loreal Infalliable Pro Matte Foundation. They have the Loreal Infalliable Pro Glow Foundation which is for dry skin. Also, Maybelline Fit Me has two types of foundations: Matte + Poreless (oily skin) and Dewy + Smooth (dry skin). Loreal Infalliable is $9.88 and Maybelline Fit Me is $5.40. For my oily people, before applying foundation, I highly recommend a mattifying primer.

2| CONCEALER: This is a great way to wake your face up and give you a healthy highlight. Sometimes, foundations may not provide full coverage so therefore out imperfections may peep through. Concealer is great for the under eyes and other areas where the light naturally hits. Plus, to set those areas, a powder can help prevent creasing. LA Girl Pro Concealers has some really great and inexpensive concealers. It provides full coverage. Where I live, the concealer is $2.99 from the hair store.

3| BRONZER: For warmth, a bronzer can help with that. If you want a strong contour, then use a darker shade for a contour. I use Queen Latifah’s bronzer in “Ebony Bronze” from Covergirl. It was $6 or $7 from Walmart. Sometimes, foundations can make our faces look flat and we want some type of dimension or warmth. So a bronzer will do great.

4| BLUSH: For a flush of color, a natural color blush can bring that beautiful color to your face. For graduation, get a natural looking blush. Don’t get a clownish blush and by clownish, I mean a blush that doesn’t accommodate with your skin tone. Wet n Wild has some great blushes for $2.93 from Walmart. For a more natural blush, I go to my BH Cosmetics Blush Palette and throw on a brown mauve color.

5| LIPSTICKS: The best of makeup. Lipsticks! Rock a nude. Rock a nude! It’s a natural lip for this nice occasion. Click here to find the nude that fits you.

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