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Glastonbury is the premiere music festival in England. Its five days of pure music and fun. Recently they have decided to do something that has half of the people supporting and half of the people questioning. Glastonbury recently decided to open a women’s only section in this years festival. This will be called The Sisterhood. So this is an interesting thing they decided to do. It’s celebrates female empowerment and the festival is in need of more women. So was this a good call?

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The Sisterhood, is for everyone that identifies as a woman. It will be located in the Shangri La area of the festival. Shangri La has had a history of challenging politics and play, it’s an area where people are challenged to think as well as listen to some awesome music. It’s a revolution clubhouse with intergenerational workshops, talks, music, dance parties, and performances. Coldplay, Adele, and Muse will play in this section. Glastonbury decided to do this because they believe that these spaces are necessary in a world that benefits men. It’s understandable because although things are getting better in the subject of sexism, in the UK, there is a wage gap, cuts in domestic violence, and sex worker rights are talked about, but no action is being done. It’s not just in the UK though, it’s everywhere around the world. This helps with a lot of issues.

Women should feel comfortable going to a music festival just as much as men. Music festivals are for music, not getting groped by the nearest guy. Something in men’s brains thinks it’s ok to just start harassing women. Hitting on a woman multiple times is sexual harassment and you should be walking door to door telling people this. Yeah, they buy you drinks, wait are you ok? No because that pervert spiked your drink. Maybe she wants to have a good time without a man, she don’t need a man. Women do as much, maybe even more than men. Glastonbury has had a desperate need for women for quite some time now. They want to show that they support women, and everything they go through.

The Sisterhood, describes itself as an intersectional, queer, trans, and disability inclusive space as well. It’s a space for the LGBT community and disabilities as well. There are a lot of issues about transsexual laws. The biggest example is the North Carolina law that prevents someone from using the bathroom that they identify with. For years same-sex couples could not get married, but ever since 2001 with the Netherlands being the first country that made a law allowing same-sex couples to get married. Now 15 other countries including the U.S. and the UK allow same-sex marriage. Disabilities seem to be largest group discriminated against now though (According to Badtalks, read more about it on, here’s the article: People with disabilities as the new face of discrimination?). All these issues are important, with, The Sisterhood. creating some sort of impact; you’re going to have people who approve and haters.

So who are these lovers and haters? There are a lot of people in support for this and say this is advance in Glastonbury, those are mostly women. Then there are people who say this is making things worse, those are mostly men. According to Twitter, men are open to this, but they don’t think women should be separated, they think it’s misguided and it’s a fucking joke. Men do have a point; there could be a better way of doing this that doesn’t put women in a separate space that Glastonbury think women would like. The thing though, it seems like these guys on Twitter didn’t read on this much or maybe too much. It’s not made to separate men and women in the festivities, no it’s just something to celebrate women, all types of women, black, white, straight, gay, transgender, any women. It’s a celebration of smart, powerful, beautiful, independent, brave beings that’s all. Women don’t have to stay there, it’s their choice if want to come or leave the section.

If you want to find out more about, The Sisterhood, go to their Twitter page. Go on to the Glastonbury festival website to find out more about Shangri La, and gets some tickets while you’re at it. So in the end it was for the good of the festival and the good of women everywhere. People are going to have their opinion, but it didn’t stop anything and it shouldn’t. So come on, join the revolution, you might learn something.

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