The ball is in everyone's court.

How many times a day do you tweet? Are you one of those people who spends hours on end refreshing your newsfeed? Or are you the guy who only retweets ironic political memes? Nowadays, everyone has something to say on social media. The internet is an open book of aggressive statuses, 140-character blurbs, and media, upon media, upon media…. upon media. Anyone with a keyboard and internet access essentially owns a microphone with the potential to reach international audiences. Anyone. The right thing said at the right time with the right person watching can become a viral hit. We’ve seen it happen over and over again with different one-hit wonders and internet celebrities. One day you might decide to wear white Vans sneakers to school, and the next day you might be referenced by Jay Z in his newest radio hit (a la ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’).

This has drastically changed the entertainment industry. Celebrities can now be bred straight from the hell fires of online forums and media sites; which means that current celebrities hoping to maintain some type of relevance in this new age have to get with the program, fast. Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter: any of these platforms can spit out the next big social icon or trend.

None of this was even possible a decade ago, and its been an even smaller window of time since internet media sites caught on in the way we use them today. We are the new movement. And we all have the opportunity for our voices be heard.

One of the most important things that you can start doing today to have your own unique voice be heard is to stop giving a s***. I know so many people who have all the right materials and content to make great videos or musical hits, but who lack the courage to put themselves out in the field. If you want the spotlight, you gotta fight for it. Stop censoring what you’re about to tweet or post to Instagram, and start taking ownership for the person you are and presence you have online. Nobody wants to follow or invest in the guy/girl that plays it safe. If you have passion and creative vision, the internet community deserves to hear and see what you have to offer.

Don’t take it personally if your content doesn’t immediately get the traction you think it should. That’s not what’s important. What is important is that you are staying true to your own creations and unique voice. Most of what goes viral happens randomly. In some rare cases, an already-established celebrity will discover and promote a video that was put out months or even years ago (Jimmy Kimmel especially is known to do this). Either way, stay true to yourself and eventually you will get the type of recognition you want and deserve.

In today’s digital age, everyone has the right and privilege to have their own special presence be known on the internet. Make sure that the voice you put out is one you want to be heard.

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