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20-year-old Gabrielle Musicaro gets hot and steamy in new collab with rapper French Montana. ‘Fuego’ is an undeniably catchy and upbeat tune; you can catch the youngins’ vibing out to it’s “pop-hop” sound in any setting.

Since the age of 13, music has been very much apart of molding the aspiring pop singer into the superstar talent she’s destine to be, with ‘Fuego’ gaining traction internationally the effort is exceptionally minuscule to be quite frank. With a name like ‘Musicaro’ the N.Y. native was born to shine in a musically driven society. On a fast track to ever-growing stardom there’s no doubt ‘Fuego’ will be tearing up the Billboard charts by the time summer hits!

Listen to ‘Fuego’ by Gabrielle Musicaro and French Montana below:

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