The "Prince" of Trap Music Strikes Again


Over the weekend, Future satisfied the appetites of his loyal following, the Future Hive after tweeting the link to his highly anticipated, Purple Reign mixtape.The 56 Nights rapper teased fans a week earlier tweeting “Get ready for this classic,” after firing off a series of tweets regarding his ex-fiance singer/songwriter Ciara, accusing the Body Party singer of allegedly keeping their 1 year old son, baby Future away from him.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

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Fans speculate that the rapper purposely dropped the mixtape the same day as Ciara’s Seattle Seahawks, quarterback boyfriend, Russell Wilson’s playoff game against the Carolina Panthers. It didn’t help that the Seahawks lost 24-31. Subsequently, the Future Hive took this opportunity to troll both Russell and Ciara in their instagram comments, dropping purple umbrella’s with rain emoji’s all throughout their comment sections.

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Regardless if Future released the mixtape to taunt Russell and Ciara, according to a source at E! Online:

“Ciara and Russell actually thought all of the Purple Reign comments and emojis were funny. It really didn’t faze the two of them at all,” a source tells E! News. “Ciara is in the best place in her life now and has no energy or focus on Future. Her only focus is on baby Future and Russell. She knows fans will be fans and stuff like that is expected.”

Looks like both parties ended up gaining something positive out of the situation. Future released a fire mixtape, which captured the attention of yet another audience, the NFL Sunday crowd, while Russell and Ciara found humor in the instagram trolls that highjacked their comment sections. Which probably took their minds off the gut wrenching loss the Seahawks took from the Panthers in last Sunday’s playoff game.

Listen to Future aka the “Prince” of Trap’s Purple Reign mixtape below:

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