France has decided to re vamp their sex education by introducing a 3D printed clitoris: If your wondering what it looks like, trust me…I will show you. Check out this picture below.

It almost looks like one of those hand gripers that people use to strengthen the muscles in their arms. Only this is just pink and purple to make it as realistic as possible, I guess. Maybe they think those colors best portray what the female clitoris looks like. Any way, color controversy is hardly even the topic….gender inequality remains the focus.

France public schools generated the use of the 3D clitoris as a direct response to the gender inequality in sex education with hopes that it will reverse the overlooking and misrepresented ideas surrounding the clitoris. I can’t front, when I was learning about sex education, the teacher definitely skipped over the ins and outs of a vagina and its functions. We only covered the fact that we can get pregnant by having sex and that one of main signs of pregnancy is a missed period. CASE CLOSED, sex education was executed (so they thought).

A comprehensive sex education extends far beyond France: It is up to every country to teach their children about sex and reproduction. France picked up on the universal idea that sex is often correlated with the pleasure of men, leaving women out and ignoring their sexuality completely. The issue lies within the reality that boys are taught about sex from a pleasure perspective while women are taught from a love perspective. In essence, boys think with their dicks, and girls think with their heart and only under those circumstances, is sex to be performed. The United Nation has even criticized this as an issue among sex education curriculum world wide. Image result for sex education france

The idea of a 3D printed clitoris makes the sex education much more hands on for those being introduced to the topic of sex. Young kids, teenagers and even adults get all bent out of shape when discussing sex: for many people, it is an uncomfortable topic…mainly because people view it as personal and private. I can’t blame them though, as a 22 year old I hardly want to talk about my own sex life or sex in general with my best friends…and I tell them EVERYTHING !

Greater equality is key in anything, including sex education. Girls should know and understand the pleasure of sex just as much as boys. France has lifted the veil on gender discrimination in sex education with the creation of the 3D clitoris…everyone else needs to jump on board ! After all, sex is genderless…right?

Check out the video below to see and hear more about the French creation of the 3D clitoris.



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