Political analysts and experts have said that one of, if not the biggest influence on politics in the last twenty years is Fox News. It has been a prominent news station since 1996 created by Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Fox.

It was created by Australian-American Rupert Murdock who hired former Republican Party media consultant Roger Ailes to be the founding CEO.

This past Summer Ailes received claims of sexual harassment by some of the women working at the Fox News company- and he was ultimately dismissed because of them.

Fox is notorious for pandering to the Republican Party and reporting biased accounts of various news stories.



This news station has changed the political process because so many Americans look at this channel as another news forum, when its not. It race baits, reports “truthiness”, and has pushed the reset button on reality.

I am by no means claiming that other American broadcast news media are perfect and should be held as gospel truth. But there is a massive disparity between Fox News and MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and all other forms of news.

The whole point of journalism and reporters is to tell the public real, pertinent information that is critical to their lives. Fox is at fault for journalism malpractice since its creation.

Reporting news that makes your party appear superior and either not reporting the other side, or using selective facts to discuss the other side, to once again increase the standing of your own party is simply not news.

People do not want news that reports facts, but rather television masquerading as news that “reports” stories that agree with their opinion.

Roger Ailes ultimate removal, however, does provide a potential new path, and maybe even repayment of thee political process. Ailes did create a monster that will most likely continue even without his guidance, but under new official leadership of Rupert Murdock and his kids, their may either be decreased viewership.

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