The world of hip hop is notorious for being the home of some of the most misogynistic verses and song lyrics in music history. At one point or another, every male rapper who wants their career to be taken seriously will throw in a line or two about just how many women he’s ‘scored.’ Even certain female rappers will rap about being in control of the men she’s with, regardless of the number or their physique. As a rapper, you want to appear dominant; there’s very little room for gentleness or sensitivity. Maybe this is how some MC’s really live, but there’s a large audience of listeners who are growing tired and unsatisfied with hearing about the ‘fast life.’

Princess Nokia wants to change that. Hailing from New York’s Lower East Side, this half-African, half-Puerto Rican MC raps about the struggle she feels comes along with wanting to be her truest self. Nokia is an avid supporter of LGBT rights and talks about social issues in her music, as well as the socio-cultural melting pot that is Manhattan.


Although she is also physically stunning, her true beauty shines whenever Nokia opens her mouth to address her listeners. Nokia has a certain aura and presence about her that makes her listeners feel relaxed and tranquil. Her attitude is in no way demanding or condescending; rather, she makes her listeners feel beautiful and accepted.

Princess Nokia is very vocal about her love for her city, and considers the culture-crash an important precursor for making unique, transcendent art. In an interview with Refinery29, she talks about the importance that women of color have in art and music, and expresses her fascination and love for ethnic women. She insists that women of color are natural feminists. Nokia believes in embracing the truest and most genuine version of herself, and wants to spread the message that everyone can and should live that way too. She doesn’t beat around the bush; instead, she insists on being brutally honest and unapologetic in her music. Her YouTube single ‘TOMBOY’ made some major waves for that very reason: she raps, “With my little titties and my phat belly… My body little, my soul is heavy.” Princess Nokia is sure to have a big impact on the women in her city.

You can check out her interview with Refinery29 here.

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