Remember him.......

Listening to his music brings tears to my soul, he makes his words sound so intense as if we were in his shoes. He spends a lot of time in the studio and we would not know how much time he puts in his music. Knowing he was going through with his family and relationships. It’s that type of music where you got to stop whatever your doing and take a moment with yourself. If your life story relates to Eminem’s and you understand his music, you like his music.  For an example if your a young thug fan, you wouldn’t be able to understand where Eminem is coming from with his words and how he’s bringing his music. Not only this song is catchy but the video is amazing and gives us a lively connection.  We all want to know what people go through and how they put it together like a puzzle, but only with music.  We don’t want to  know about rappers with  Money how many acres they own, what types of foreign cars they driving, and etc. Of course the beats may amaze us in some songs but at the same time we ask ourselves what type of message is such and such artist telling us.  His latest songs may be old to listen to,  but there’s  nothing wrong with bringing back real talented music.


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