News broke this morning of a devastating earthquake that occurred in Amatrice, Italy. On the Richter scale, the earthquake was a 5.5 and led to a death toll of at least 132 with many more injured.

Even though a 5.5 earthquake is not that large in comparison to the other earthquakes that have struck the world, it struck not very low under the Earth, therefore its damages were far more acute.

The earthquake is said to have been felt as far North as Bologna and as far South as Naples.

The three towns in this region (Umbria, Lazio and Marche) are completely destroyed and all these people are newly displaced.

Most insurance is refusing to cover the terrible destruction to the homes of the people who lived here, leaving so many displaced.

For many, this earthquake is eerily similar to the one that occurred in Abruzzi back in 2009. The Italian government was heavily criticized during the reconstruction of that earthquake, as many thought the process was far longer than necessary.

Natural disasters are always heartbreaking, especially when this magnitude of people died or are gravely injured. The victims range from nuns to Afghanistan refugees to people who lived in that town for generations. Now all of them are forced to deal with the trauma of a lifetime.

Situations like these are difficult for a plethora of reasons, but the main one being: no one is to blame. This is not man-made.

The reactions, however, are. A speedy recovery process should be forming right now, with most resources allocated to these people.

One thing that is to Italy’s benefits is that it is such a developed country. I think back to the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the misery that produced. Haiti is a country that already was a disaster, and that earthquake truly added insult to injury. Not to mention the slow, almost stagnant process of clean-up and rebuilding.

When asked what we can do to help, most say to donate blood through any medium and monetary gifts to Global Giving and organizations similar.

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