For all the makeup lovers, summertime is around the corner and we still want to sport our foundation for that sexy beat. Now some of us have oily skin and should take that into consideration during this season. It’s hot and our oils are running. And it’s not cute to wear makeup with running oils and our makeup has moved anywhere and everywhere. So I researched some good drugstore and high end foundations for oily girls.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Apply a primer/mattifying primer. This can help with the longevity of your foundation, keeps it matte, and in place.

cocoa foundationThis is the L’oreal Infalliable Pro Matte Foundation. I’m currently using this foundation and I love it. I am an oily girl and it keeps my oils at a stand still. This foundation provides medium coverage and the staying power is 24hrs. This product is priced between $8-$11. It is so worth it and budget friendly. It is available in 11 different shades. I have to mix two colors to get my right shade, but this a great foundation. Click here for viewing and purchase.

maybellineThis is Maybelline’s Matte + Poreless foundation. There are two types for this foundation, but this foundation here is for oily girls. They have a Dewy + Smooth for dry girls and the Matte + Poreless for oily girls. I bought this foundation last summer, it was cool, but I took a break to try out the one I’m using now. This foundation consists of 25 colors and is priced at $5.94 at Walmart. It keeps your skin mattified up to 7 hours (my personal experience). It leaves you with a natural, flawless canvas. Click here for viewing and purchase.

mac MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation works for some people. I used it and it did keep with a matte finish. Now, I’m a be honest, recently I started breaking out and I had to cease my usage of this product. Just because it broke me, doesn’t mean it will break you out. This is priced at $33 for anyone who wants to try a high end foundation. It’s not a bad foundation. For me, I had to stop it. This MAC foundation consists of 36 colors, both neutral cool and neutral warm skin tones. Click here for viewing and purchase.

I haven’t used this foundation, but I heard a lot of great things about it. This is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This product is supposed to be long wearing, last up to 15 hours and provides medium coverage. This foundation consists of 38 colors and is priced at $38. Click here for viewing and purchase.


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