It seems like only yesterday Generation Xers were shaking their heads on the up-and-coming Millennials and their flighty disposition. Those of us who have grown up in Generation Y know of the constant back and forth we’ve faced against our elders and their more conservative views. We’ve heard the criticism of our entitlement and lack of focus. How we get gold stars and pats on the back for just showing rather than earning our stripes.

In truth, each generation has it’s highs and drawbacks. We have strengths and we have weaknesses, but what would Millennials make of our up-and-coming Generation Z’s? Would we have the same concerns as our parents and grandparents had for us?

Older generations believe that Gen Z’s are somewhat of a Doom Generation. Many Millennials believe that Gen Z’s have acquired many of our negative traits. With technology being more prevalent in our society than ever before, a lot of Gen Z’s top priorities stem from social validation, more so than many of their older counterparts.

That being said, you always have to take into account the circumstances that have made this generation who they really are. Having grown up in a world filled with financial recessions, wars, terrorism and avid gun violence; it’s not too hard to see why many of them have developed such a blasé attitude towards the the ongoing struggles our society are dealing with on a daily basis.

Another thing to take note to is the sharp rise in mental illness in this generation. The World Health Organization carried out in 42 countries in 2013, and reported that teenage Gen Z’s in the UK are one of the least satisfied and overall happy with their lives. The survey also showed that the highest rate of anxiety and health worries have occurred mostly towards teenage girls in the UK. Now, more than any other generation to date are young people seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and self-harm.

Gen Z’s collectively believe they will be inheriting a world that is setup to fail and they don’t actually feel the obligation to fix what others have broken. With millennials being the first generation to earn less than their preceders, most of Gen Z’s don’t see much hope for themselves either.

Seeing as Gen Z’s are still very young; they showcase a lot of the arrogance that comes with youth. But is it fair to dub them a Doom Generation? Is it our fault for showcasing such immodest outlooks? Or is it our society consist traumatic imagery we keep feeding them?

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