Donald Trump might sue over an EDM track.

The EDM duo Fight Clvb made a song titled, “Donald Trump.” Whatever you think about the GOP presidential candidate does not matter right now. Donald Trump is not happy about this song. I have an inclination, Fight Clvb probably aren’t his biggest supporters either. To be fair, a billionaire telling his lawyers to send me a notification to cease and desist, might put a bitter taste in my mouth too.

Donald Trump’s lawyer’s sent this to Fight Clvb:

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This was posted on Fight Clvb’s Facebook page. Clearly the print is really small. The letter has four basic demands.

  1. Take down the song from anywhere where it can make money. The letter states the duo is making money off of his name and likeness and did not have permission.
  2. Give them every version of the song in existence. I guess they really need that one version of the song scrapped almost immediately.
  3. They can never use Donald Trump’s name in any future “projects.” At first  thought that meant just songs, but I guess that could mean a sample used during a live show.
  4. Say they are never going to use Donald Trump’s name again in writing. I would assume that means the third demand is pretty serious.

With a letter like this, it essentially says if you don’t comply you will get sued. It will be interesting to see what happens. The letter is dated February 20th, and by Monday, February 29th, Fight Clvb is legally required to respond.

Here is the video. Check it out in case it gets taken down.

Fight Clvb also put up a quality description on the Youtube video.

fight clvb cease and desist trap festival big room house

fight clvb cease and desist trap festival big room house, Donald Trump is Not Happy about this Song


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