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The legendary DJ Quick is officially calling out Kanye for allowing his celebrity to “supersede” his talent. The rapper/producer recently dropped by NOAHTV and shared his thoughts on the music mogul’s seventh studio album ‘The Life Of Pablo.’ “Kanye so scared he don’t know what to do with The Life Of Pablo. Let’s keep this shit all the way fucking 100,” says Quik. Kanye recently described his latest project as a “living, breathing, changing, creative process” that will likely undergo creative construction until the release of his next musical art piece. Quik perceived this announcement as a cop out and went on to say, “Do you think it deserves all the hype though? Is this the kind of album that you would really want to go buy to listen and go home to and just [be bragging] to everybody? So, his celebrity supersedes his talent right now? Yes. Come on, he’s a Kardashian now. What the fuck?” As the interview comes to a close Quik clarifies that his comments were not to be taken as a diss but a challenge, and challenges the G.O.O.D Music mogul to make his best music going forward because his fans “aren’t stupid.”

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