Something the R&B/Hip Hop industry lacks is the male-female duo; usually we witness this pairing on the occasional feature here and there (Drake/Rihanna, Beyoncé/Jay Z, or Ashanti/Ja Rule) but not as a consistent group. The beginning of 2016 brought us Twenty88, the union between Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, who released their fantastic debut eponymous EP on April 1. Well there’s a new emerging duo named MVL, shortened for Mill-Vill x Vina Love, and they’re no joke, dropping one of the hottest songs of the summer.

With Bronx emcee Mill-Vill spitting bars and Harlem songstress Vina Love (also the daughter of the legendary DJ Kid Capri) leading the way with her soprano vocals, “All I Want” is an R&B-soca fusion joint worthy of praise. From the start of the soca inspired beat, led by steel drums, the Alvin Brown Beats produced track becomes infectious. When Vina Love starts singing, she matches the vibe of Ashanti, with the adding stylings of underground singers such as south Jersey’s Anna Shay. Mill-Vill captures the essence of a younger Cassidy, showing off his skills like he was born to touch a mic.

Vina Love and Mill Vill at their mixtape release party. Photo cred: Johnny Nunez.

Vina Love and Mill Vill at their mixtape release party. Photo cred: Johnny Nunez.

Lyrically, the song is a confession of love from both artists, Mill-Vill even mentioning “Netflix and chill” in his verse towards the end of the song. The catchy chorus is sure to make people get out of their seats, especially when Vina is heard finishing each “your love is…” with “one love, one love” in the background. Just when the chorus and Mill-Vill’s verse couldn’t be more fire, the production becomes extensively layered. Listen closely as Vina Love holds a note that is flipped into an instrumental sound, as the ending beat rides out for a little.

“All I Want” is featured on MVL’s debut mix-tape Music vs Love, which was released at the beginning of August. The duo released a music video for it earlier this week, which features Vina Love dancing on a beach in Coney Island and a date with Mill-Vill at Luna Park. Judging by “All I Want”, as well as their other songs “F.R.I.E.N.D.” and “Tell Me”, these two talents are here to stay.

Check out “All I Want” Below:

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