A DJ From Trenton Is Bringing Different Club Mixes To New Jersey

When you listen to Club music, often it tends to make you move and dance like it is one of your favorite songs; even if it is your first time hearing it. Only specific DJ’s know how to make someone move in a party setting, and one of those DJ’s name is DJ Bake whose birth name is Daquan Baker. People often wonder where he gets his DJ name from but it is from his birth name. He decided to keep his family name apart of what he does and has passion for. Bake is an individual who came from the bottom and never stopped working through his craft. Often DJ’s make one hit and stop DJ’n or making hits. However, this young man definitely continues to blow the minds of club goers and party heads. From Trenton, NJ where it is hard to survive, Bake took club music and made it as a way to escape the constant violence and deaths that has occurred in Trenton.  Most DJ’s DJ for the money, for the fame or even because it is a generational job, however Bake started DJ’n because he liked to see woman booty shake. He started at the age of 15, but improved as a DJ at the age of 17. DJ’n not being is only passion, Bake loves woman and used it as an art to create club music that woman loves. His motivational pathway is to eventually be on Wiz TV and show the world how a young man can survive the streets and still make music that people will never forget.

Bake club music does not only hold a great beat, but his mixture of melodies and voice overs gives the audience a way to connect in an unusual way. With his inspirational DJ being DJ Slink, you can definitely tell that Bake listens to all types of music just to improve his skills and ears. DJ’n is a hard art that requires a person to keep the audience going and within enjoyment. With the videos above, it shows the the style of Bakes DJ’n skills. Bake made an audience for himself when he co-created his first hit, “Bouncing” which has received 90,000 views on SoundCloud. The first video in this article is DJ Bake Club hit song “Can You Back It Up?” which has gone viral through many types of Jersey clubs. With over 30,000 views on SoundCloud and over 90,000 views on YouTube, Bake has brought forth a Trenton style that many people has embraced and supported. Most Club DJ’s are from the northern part of Jersey, so this has allowed Bake to give Trenton a platform. The second video is a Club mix that DJ Bake created and it shows his skills and what he’s about. The choice of songs was very creative and the merging of different genres of songs made the mix standout and bring forth a new tune.

Bake is a unique DJ because he is young, only 19 years old and still is grinding. Bake could be doing other things with his time, being that he is young; but he decided to use his spare time to gain a passion for an art that made him a better man. Club music is very competitive between DJ’s in New Jersey, being that Baltimore Club music was originally Jersey’s type of Club music. However, so many DJ’s including Bake has brought an new style of Club music that gave New Jersey a platform of its own. You never know what DJ Bake next move is, he is very spontaneous and very humbled. But, just because this young man is not present does not mean he is not working. Be on the look out to Bake’s new club music which is being created and ready to be displayed.

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