I’ve written about poverty a dozen times, but I have yet to address the extreme difficulty and near impossibility of climbing out of poverty.

My grandparents immigrated to America from Italy and Greece and did not have a dime to their name when they arrived. My parents, being the children of immigrants, had to work hard to climb out of their own American-based poverty- and they did.

They will admit it themselves- climbing out of poverty today is incredibly more difficult than it was years ago. One cannot just work hard and expect to have a decent quality of life- it is not feasible.



The minimum wage is not livable, so people who were either born into poverty, fell into poverty, or immigrated here do not earn enough money to live let alone save.

When trying to climb the economic ladder, everyone advises to not spend money you do not have. They recommend pinching pennies and saving big- all very sound and practical advice.

However,  one must spend money to live. Food costs money, clothes costs money, rent/mortgage costs money. Since the price of pretty much everything has increased, but the minimum wage has not, the folks who do work minimum wage jobs literally cannot save, they spend it all on basic necessities.

Those are just the logistical issues regarding climbing out of poverty. There are also the emotional, familial, and societal issues that must be dealt with as well.

If these folks do need any type of services, financial or otherwise, which is not unfeasible since they do not make enough to live off of, they are ridiculed for being lazy and entitled. Not only does that destroy their self-worth, but may discourage them to utilize the services meant for them.

Its not called a vicious cycle for nothing.

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