Check out Halsey's new music video for "Colors!"

The girl “raised on Biggie and Nirvana,” Halsey, is an incredible storyteller. She accomplishes this by using vivid imagery in her lyrics. She also does not shy away from topics other artists may be shy to address. With all this in mind, I was waiting for 4:00 PM to see the debut of Halsey’s new music video. This video is a must watch.

Now that you have seen it once you probably have some idea of what’s going on. You should watch it again. When Halsey announced on Twitter that she would be releasing this video, she did so with this tweet:

So, that clearly says “Colors” and February 25th, but the song is not “Colors.” The song is actually “Strange Love,” which happens to be my favorite on her album, Badlands. When she was asked about this by fans on Twitter, she responded:

I am still trying to put everything together. I think I am getting it, but I’m not sure yet. However, I would rather listen to music that makes me think, as opposed to something that may sound catchy, but is very repetitive. So watch the video again, listen to Badlands, and watch Halsey’s other video’s for “New Americana,” and “Ghost.”

Now if you figured it out, shout out to you. You are smarter than I am. Just tweet me and let me know whats going on so I don’t have to live my life so confused.

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