Damn Daniel is everywhere. This kid went from being viral on vine, to being sampled for an EDM track and on Ellen.

We all know what it’s like when a video goes viral. One day you are scrolling your social media feeds thinking you are not in on an inside joke. Then when you look it up you find this kid, “back at it again with the white vans!” This video has reached such a huge level of popularity and I honestly do not understand the reason. One really creative and cool thing from these vines, is that Damn Daniel was sampled for an EDM track.

I know this has been done before. Skrillex and Porter Robinson have both used samples from Youtube videos. They are not the only artists to do so, but I know Skrillex did it in “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” using this video. Porter Robinson did it in “100% in the Bitch.” Nevertheless, what Bombs Away did was impressive. Check out the video for “Damn Daniel (Bombs Away Remix).” It speeds through his process in a very cool way.

Even if the music is not necessarily your style, you should know this is much more difficult than it is portrayed. Sampling a random voice from a video and putting it over a song is not an easy task. The video makes music production look incredibly simple. A viral video sample, and pressing random keys does not make a song. It takes a lot more creativity and work than that.

If someone knows why these vines are so funny or why they blew up like that, please let me know. This kid was on Ellen, for a bunch of 6 second videos where he just kind of walks around. I can walk around. I can wear white vans. How come I’m writing blogs and he is on TV? The world is weird to say it nicely.

Here is Daniel on Ellen. It’s unbelievable really.

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