So it looks like Anastasia Beverly Hills has a dupe for their eyebrow pencil. It’s Colourpop‘s Brow Pencil. Colourpop is a Southern California-based business that sells highly affordable liquid lipsticks, pigmented eyeshadows, gel liners, etc. Colourpopcult posted a comparison picture to their Instagram.

“Comparing the sizes of the #colourpopcosmetics brow pencils vs the #anastasiabrowwiz . . . .”

And as you can see, the style of both the brow pencils. They both have a spoolie/brow brush on one end and have the pencil on the other end. Plus, these kind of pencils are better because they’re duo-sided pencils. Colourpop’s brow pencils cost $5 and their brow gel costs $6. We showed the body comparisons; now let’s show the color comparisons.

“Well well well. What do we have here!? Dupes or naw? #colourpopcult #colourpopcultist #anastasiabrowwiz # colourpopcosmetics


I think it’s a dupe. They both possess the same color in two of the colors. But, not to take away from Anastasia, this is just a dupe for their brow pencil.

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