Mixed race relationships have been a constant presence since the beginning of human
history. That’s not to say they’ve always been lauded. In a deeply prejudicial world, it’s been a
long road for equality in all aspects. But it is now, more than ever, that interracial relations have
been almost completely normalized in our society, though that does not dismiss the struggles
these couples face.

In 1967, Supreme Court case, Loving vs. Virginia, was overturned. The laws against interracial marriage were deemed unconstitutional, but this decision was met with a lot of push back and disdain for a portion of the public. Since the overturn, however, the visibility of these relationships, marriages and the social tolerance towards them have grown considerably. As recently as 2005, a national poll has shown that 87 percent of the nation is pro interracial relations.

Be that as it may, interracial couples often speak of the deep seeded push and pulls they must go through in order to make their relationships thrive. Especially when faced with the faces their friends make when they find out your partner is black, or the double takes from people catching them holding hands in line at the supermarket.

Political correctness seems to be a key factor in keeping the peace within these relations, but
also in the company they keep. Racist family members don’t make matters much easier and the
constant reaffirmation on both parties can become strenuous.

Despite it all, the adversities they face doesn’t mean these couples can’t make matters work at
all. Many couples speak of the deeply nuanced knowledge they have found within each other’s
different backgrounds, as well as the new found views on just how much race has to do with our
society’s outlook on people.

But why does race and love have to deep mixed in muddled waters. Why are these struggles
still so deeply set in our mindsets? It may be a long time before it doesn’t have to be so, but it is
certainly reassuring to know that love in thrive with the right mindsets.

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