In 2014, hip hop star J Cole released a truthful album called “Forest Hills Drive”. When J Cole released this album, the world went crazy! The reason for that was because J Cole poured his soul out on this EP and didn’t hold back anything on his mind. From talking about social politics, tales of his life and his dream girl Nia Long, J Cole captured the essence of both real hip hop, and staying true to self. Forest Hill Drive included timeless tracks such as: No Role Modelz, Wet Dreamz, Love Yourz and more! What makes Cole’s 2014 musical project so intriguing is that his album was successful without any features. Do you know how rare that is? An album with just one voice, one flow. Cole didn’t need any help to get his point across, or need any help to add a splash of life to his work. J Cole’s vibe is life on it’s own. After Cole’s EP dropped it was said the rapper went double platinum without any features. But, today that statement has been confirmed. Two days ago J Cole’s record label RocNation posted on Instagram that J Cole has officially received his Double Platinum Certification by the RIAA Awards. J Cole constantly proves that he’s one of the heavyweights in the music industry, but also proves he’s one of the realest to ever grace the genre of hip hop. The only artists to ever go platinum without any features were Wu Tang Clan, Vanilla Ice and LL Cool J. Recently, J Cole has announced he’s taking a break from making music for awhile and told fans that he won’t be performing for awhile as well. Even if J Cole takes a break, he’s already proving to his fans that he has a timeless presence, and there’s proof that his music is an appreciated treasure. No matter what people say, no one can take away J Cole’s magical gift of rapping. Any artist can try to measure up to Cole’s musical ability, but these days it’s not easy to find music that preaches to the choir. It’s safe to say it’s a Cole World out here!




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