People cared about the environment surrounding them and recognized its importance and serenity since early on in civilization. Many cultures celebrated the Earth and praised it for all that it does for humans, and continue to acknowledge its importance to this day. Climate change and pollution was not a notion anybody thought possible.

As society became more complex and developed into cities and empires, however, the environment became less and less valued by the dominating peoples.

It was not until the 1970’s when laws regarding the environment actually came into affect. In 1970 President Richard Nixon proposed and signed into law (via an executive order) The Untied States Environmental Protection Agency which is meant to protect human health as well as protect the environment.

Many laws have been signed into affect since 1970, yet the numbers remain staggering. 2015 was the hottest year on record. Sea levels keep rising, droughts still run through the Middle and Western United States. Beijing’s air is so polluted that people wear masks in order to protect themselves from its dangers.

Of course the United States should not be the only country trying to combat climate change, as that would be unfair and ineffective, but since we are a world superpower, we have a certain responsibility to lead the fight for bettering the world.

What can happen if we do not do something radical to genuinely stop climate change is beyond frightening. Our entire way of life will be flipped over completely. Not only is it absurd that people deny that man-made climate change exists, it is deeply dangerous.

No one alive today remembers life pre-Industrial Revolution. We are so rooted in technology and machines that changing it all would be near impossible. We do need to make some changes however.

Climate change must be a real issue and much time must be spent on ways trying to stop it. We need to invest in clean energy; it will provide jobs and emit less pollution.

We are (literally) playing with fire when we put off addressing climate change. There is no more time to waste.

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