On Tuesday, February 23rd, 48-year old Canadian singer Celine Dion, paid an emotional tribute to 73-year-old René Angélil, her husband and manager, during her first show in Las Vegas since his death in January from his fight with throat cancer.

According to US Weekly, “the show began with a montage of pictures and videos of Angélil through the years, along with a quote from [Dion]:”

I understood that my career was in a way his masterpiece, his song, his symphony. The idea of leaving it unfinished would have hurt him terribly. I realized that if he ever left us, I would have to continue without him, for him.”

Celine Dion


Afterwards, the screen disappeared into the darkness, leaving Dion alone on stage “in a glittering black gown embellished with stars,” according to US Weekly. Dion got a “standing ovation” prior to her song, “With One More Look at You.” She said:

I did rehearse this song in my closet and it went way better than that,” Dion said. “Through my life, I only had eyes for my husband, who sat out here night after night. People thought that I was looking at him but I didn’t need to because every time I closed my eyes, I felt Rene on stage with me — whether he was seated in his seat right there, in the balcony, backstage, or at home with the kids. He’s always been on stage with me and nothing will ever change that. Dion continued to say that he “always surrounded me with the very best people possible. I trusted him so much that I rarely had the chance to worry about anything. Now I guess it is just a natural impulse to constantly question myself. ‘Would he let the kids play with these toys? And is this song too fast? Is this song too slow? Don’t talk too much. It’s pretty amazing that since he physically is no longer with me, he is even more present.”

Dion’s performance went way deeper than the sinking of the Titanic, history’s ill-fated ship and James Cameron’s 1997 hit-film. Dion, we applaud you for being one of the strongest legendary icons that ever was in music. Our “heart[s] will always go on” with you! <3

We were one and nothing has changed. We will always be one.”

Celine Dion

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