Cam'Ron x Reebok Collaberation Comfirmed !

Cam’Ron the hip hop/rap artist from Harlem, NY will be doing his first sneaker collaboration very soon with Reebok. The Ventailer Supreme will  be the shoe Reebok will be releasing, which is totally inspired by the ” Purple Haze ” album in 2004 by Cam’Ron. On March 16, Cam’Ron posted a sneak preview of the Purple Haze sneaker box on his Instagram that got over 6,000 likes. The sneaker box will showcase its unique transparent box lid. This will be a limited edition for buyers. Reebok will only be releasing a limited 500 pairs of the Ventailer Supreme ” Purple Haze”. These sneakers will be releasing on April 20th which is  famously known as ” 4-20 “.  The Ventailer Supreme ” Purple Haze ” will feature having purple and red throughout the shoe and also including the photograph of Cam’Ron on the inside of the sole wearing his signature pink fur coat. Pictures of the sneaker have not been released yet , stay update with at a later date for official pictures and more details regarding this release.

Below is an exclusive picture from Cam’Ron’s Instagram ( @mr_camron ) which was posted on March 16 displaying the Reebok ” Purple Haze ” Sneaker Box


Below is another exclusive picture from Cam’Ron’s Instagram ( mr_camron ) which was posted March 23 displaying the inside sole which features Cam’Ron wearing his signature pink fur coat.


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