For beginners or for someone who has always been into makeup, eyeshadows are an essential part of makeup. It’s eye makeup! It brings those eyes out. I love eyeshadow. Right now, I have a buildable eyeshadow palette that I created by placing eyeshadows that I liked in the palette. That’s how I made my own personal eyeshadow palette. MAC has a buildable palette and there are Z palettes on sale online as well. Here are examples of some builadable palettes:


MAC Palette

Z Palettes

Z Palettes


For some affordable single eyeshadows, go to Coastal Scents. I have these eyeshadows and they are perfect and budget friendly.

Firstly, to begin building your own personal palette, buy transitional colors. Transitional colors consists of a matte brown color that help you blend your eyeshadows so everything can be in sync and there’s a nice transition to the next color.

Secondly, for definition of the eye, buy a color that’s a tad bit darker than your transitional color. It gives your eye extra definition.

Thirdly, for lid colors, you can choose any colors you want. For the everyday person, I recommed more natural color eyeshadows.

It’s all about building your own personal eyeshadow palette.


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