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(Featured image taken by Michael Buishas used as Big Thief profile picture on Facebook).

On May 26th, 2016, Big Thief just released their debut album, “Masterpiece.” If the band’s goal was to capture emotion in the quirkiest of ways then mission accomplished. Most people would call this awkward, but enough fans out there call it there favorite band. It’s also why indie music is just so freaking awesome. Big Thief is outside the mainstream factor and they have more unique traits towards their music.

Big Thief, a band from Brooklyn, NY, started with singer Adrianne Lenker, who went solo before the band. She was a singer song writer who had a solo LP, “Hours Were the Birds.” (“Steamboat,” via YouTube uploaded by One Word Songs).

Then Adrianne and Buck Meek, (Guitar), did a duet album together called, “A-Sides.” (“Jonathan,” via YouTube uploaded by Adrianne Lenker-Topic).

Then James Krivchenia, (Bass), and Max Oleartchik, (Drums), joined the ride, the band signed to Saddle Creek Records and that’s how Big Thief was made. Unlike what were Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek, there sound is a heavier, more quirky tone. The lyrics were hauntingly beautiful and Adrianne’s voice is unbelievable. The fuzzy guitar and the slow drum beat pattern make the songs match the lyrics. Also Adrianne’s ability to slide from low to high notes captures the quirkiness of this band and ads a happier, comforting feel to the songs.

Their biggest hit from the album is called, “Masterpiece.” This song got played on Soundcloud, 31.2 thousand times and 561 people love it.

The song is simply about the things that cause you trouble, from your terrible boyfriend to missing the simpler things in life. Most of their songs are about painful events but with comforting notes and a voice that birds sing to. This is what you want in an indie band. Indie bands are ok with being themselves and using their creativity without any care of being judged.

Big Thief is obviously different from other bands, based on their music and their image. If you look back at the Soundcloud file for a minute. You’ll notice a picture with a lot of things that makes this band look comfortable. There’s a person wearing mom jeans, a man wearing what looks like a raincoat inside a greenhouse. There’s a guy with an Adirondack shirt and a train conductor’s cap with what looks like slacks. The other guy actually looks pretty simple. Khaki jeans and a black t-shirt, he’s wearing the jeans awfully low though.  Never mind that, these are the kinds of friends you want.  You want people who want to be themselves and not try to look like everyone else. You want people who like you for you.  I have friends exactly like this, (seriously go on my Facebook page). They don’t care about the modern things. That’s what indie music is, doing your own thing pretty much. You don’t need big fancy recording studios to make a masterpiece, and you don’t need to change your appearance. You do it for the music and that’s pretty much it.

Big Thief has made strides on their own thing and with 4,319 likes on Facebook, 205,378 monthly listeners on Spotify and 613 followers on Twitter; they’ve already attracted a huge fan base. These fans are exactly like Big Thief in a way and like the sound because it doesn’t sound like overproduced crap. Sometimes we get sick of the mainstream, and it seems like people are smart enough to get sick of it.  Big Thief has proved that you can mix good and evil, dark and light, happy and sad. It’s the perfect balance to cope with things and hopefully there driving that magical old run down van that can be seen in videos and pictures drives to a town near you and let you live your life.

Big thief will be driving through Washington D.C. at the 9:30 Club on June 1st, then Philadelphia, PA at the World Café Live on June 2nd, and then Boston, MA at The Paradise on June 4th. They’ll be celebrating their record release at The Mercury Lounge in New York on June 5th. The album is available on their website; you can get a CD, LP, or MP3. Buy it on Bandcamp if that’s more your style. You can also get it on iTunes and it’s available for streaming on Spotify. Visit Big Thief’s Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram and listen to the single, “Masterpiece,” on Soundcloud. So stop listening to Selena Gomez or Madonna and find something real.

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