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After the Billboard Music Awards did that sad attempt at a Prince Tribute, the BET Awards immediately decided to make a better Prince Tribute. On this year’s BET Awards they completely did it. Amazing performers doing all the amazing things Prince did on stage. If anything proved that this was the best BET Awards ever, it wasn’t Desiigner turning everything up, it wasn’t Jesse Williams powerful speech, it wasn’t Bryson Tiller getting the respect he deserved from award shows, it was the damn Prince tribute throughout the show.

At the BBMA’s Madonna performed what was supposed to be a Prince tribute. Let me just say Madonna is shit. The bitter fact that there were petitions to get your ass off the fucking stage, should make you aware that this Prince tribute is going to suck.  Then the performance happened and it proved to be a sign of disrespect to the late singer. What does Madonna have to do with Prince? I guess they used to date and they’ve had songs together. Also, how bad do you have to be to make Stevie Wonder look bad as well? So in response to this travesty, the BET Awards immediately released an ad for the award show saying,

“Yeah, we saw that, don’t worry we got you.” (BET AWARDS AD).

Well, holy shit they gave us what the Billboard’s should have done.

First, let’s remember the last time; the BET Awards did a Prince tribute. They did a tribute performance back in 2010 because Prince received the Lifetime Achievement Award. This performance had it all. It included Stevie Wonder, Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys, and Patti Labelle. So how can 2016 top 2010. Well it was easier than you think. All they had to do is get all these great artists, (THAT HAVE TALENT), and separate the performances for an all night Prince tribute, (THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE BILLBOARD).




The first performance included The Roots and Erykah Badu performing, “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker.” What a perfect collaboration, the R&B/Soul princess with a band that will be forever engraved into our hearts, The Roots. Then Bilal came out and used his perfect high pitched voice for the song, “The Beautiful Ones,” off of the one and only Purple Rain movie. In the end of the performance, he used the seductiveness that Prince would have loved. So much raw emotion and energy used in the performance like he took a dip in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

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Next, there was Tori Kelly and Stevie Wonder performing, “Take Me with U.”  Stevie Wonder is in a need of redemption after that shit show performance at the BBMA’s. Stevie Wonder and Tori Kelly was a surprisingly good collaboration together. Both had good voices and both played piano and guitar well.


Then Jennifer Hudson came out and blew the roof off the stage with, “Purple Rain.” This performance got everybody singing and dancing and everybody sang along, even got me to sing along. Jennifer Hudson uses that perfect R&B voice to grab the attention of everybody in that audience and there was not a dry eye in that house.


Then there was Maxwell, along with an original song he paid tribute to Prince with, “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Maxwell’s return was legendary because of that performance. You could actually hear the audience singing along to this song, He changed the lyrics a little, he mentioned how Spotify and Apple Music, can’t make music because Prince is the truth. Nothing compares, simple enough.

Janelle Monáe on the keynote panel of the 2010 Pop Conference, EMPSFM, Seattle, Washington.

Then there was Janelle Monae, this singer performed, “Delirious,” “Kiss,” “Pop Life,” and “I Would Die for You.” Janelle Monae was fun, was seductive, and did a performance that would have made Prince proud. She danced like Prince, she grinded a microphone stand like Prince would of, for god sake she showed her ass like Prince. Janelle Monae nailed the Prince aspect perfectly. Everybody enjoyed this performance. It was a great representation of why Prince was so special and why he was different from other artists. Janelle Monae had the upmost respect from Prince, and she showed it in this performance.

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Finally Sheila E, one of the many names that were on the petition to replace Madonna, including names D’Angelo, who was supposed to be at the BET Awards, but was a no-show. Sheila E was amazing on guitar and drums. She performed, “Let’s Work,” “A Love Bizarre,” “The Glamorous Life,” “America the Beautiful,” “U Got the Look,” and, “Baby I’m a Star.” Sheila E pulled off the perfect Prince tribute. She had the screech and the yell correct; she played the drums like she used to do for Prince, she even had Purple Rain actor Jerome Benton, and Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia danced through the entire show. Then in the end where Sheila E grabbed Prince’s legendary guitar and raised it to the heaven’s while Purple Rain came pouring down, was probably the most iconic thing that has been seen on the BET Awards.

So this was basically a post of stating the obvious. It was obvious that skeletor bitch Madonna sucked compared to people that actually was there to honor Prince. Madonna did a tribute for herself, was probably the only person to do a Prince tribute for her. Everybody who was in this award show was doing it for one purpose, Prince. Remembering someone that influenced these artists and made them into the person they are today. So watch the tribute and other great things from the BET Awards on the website. It’s a show to remember. Rest in peace Prince.

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