She's back!!

The Queen Bunny is back, known as Babs Bunny  with the 1st release from her New Album “Gumbo” entitled #FYM(F@#k You Mean) featuring NOLA’s very own Femcee 3D- Na’tee. Babs Album is slated for release in December 2016, with a sound she’s respected for and lyrical wittiness that is unmatched. With a series of mix tapes and some in-depth industry know how Babs Bunny is here to prove  that her time is NOW! Listening to her music, She is not only rapping but she is feeling her music and the ways he raps is meaningful. She has a strong voice and dedicated to her lyrics for people to understand.  Also, she is being herself when she is rapping. The way she elaborates her words you can picture it in your mind which gives a “wow” empowerment. Her lyrics let you know that her words are real.   For an example in her lyrics, she says ” I’m gonna grind till i bleed”. So thinking about it makes you think like ” wow  this woman is gonna grind till she feels pain.”This is my favorite verse because you get a clear sense of what she is talking about.  It is also different  because we don’t hear those types of meaningful words from many rappers. It is nice to hear actual lyrics not some nonsense lyrics  that people don’t want to hear an example of that would be Nicki Minaj. Babs Bunny is not only a dope rapper but she is also fire when it comes to music. Meaning this woman is not playing and brings talent to the plate. More like the talent and music we need to hear more in our today’s society.  This song is fire. 3D Na’Tee and Babs killed it.

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