Canadian actor, rapper, record producer and songwriter, Drake, and singer and songwriter Rihanna, have really ‘boosted’ their grinding onstage – enough to make a baby? Start hashtagging away! #Omg #noway #wtf #sonottrue #sodead #dramaalert #gossipupongossip #saywhat #ahhhh

OK. Calm yourselves – but ‘parenthood’ may just be the next big thing for these two because according to Hollywood Life, “A new report states that the sexy duos are planning to have a baby, even if they’re not romantically involved!” Um…WHAT? So, a new life will be in their hands without it even meaning anything?


That’s not real! We have a clue about how the process will go – name the child an unusual name, raise him or her by either artist alone and both will each write and devote a song to each other on how they were ‘unfaithful’ to their child – quite a predictable analysis right? However, these days movies are predictable – you might as well play the entire movie in your head before it comes out in theatres.

Well, no one knows if they’re back together or not!

Rihanna says “Drake’s a grown man and he’s responsible compared to her exes like Chris Brown” and “She thinks he’ll make the perfect dad;” also, “they’ve talked about having adjoining mansions in Barbados so they could co-parent and hook up whenever they wanted,” according to Hollywood Life.

All the best for them – hopefully…

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