Where do we get more info?

Hillary Clinton supporters are elated at her continued lead for the democratic nomination. It seems that she has maintained her number one spot in the polls and her supporters are rejoicing. There is just one thing that everyone seems to be ignoring. Media has a way of making it look like either everything is okay, or the world is in shambles.

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The headline for Hillary’s poll numbers could either read, “Hillary maintains her lead,” or “Hillary’s Lead is Slowly Closing Up,” or something along those lines. Both would be the truth, but each headline could make our perception of the story quite a bit different. This kind of subtle difference would probably have a bigger effect on older generations still watching CNN and reading the Washington Post to get their news.

We youngins, however, are having a completely different experience. Everyone talks about how millennials are annoying and different, but hasn’t that been a good thing? According to American Press Institute, 86% of those polled said they got diverse opinions through social media, instead of normal avenues. Now, what is better? According to a Debate.org poll 93% say that internet news is

better. Why? Not only does the internet provide diversity, but it also is able to call conventional news media out on its major gaffes. A lot of the time my first look at any major news story is through a trending hashtag on twitter, or a meme on instagram. While our parents are just discovering they can post pictures on Facebook, we are getting news flashes and Upworthy stories more than family photos. Our news is more interactive, and less “politically correct,” and we can show our discontent through comments, retweets, and reposts. There is no control over what we say, and we can let everyone know how we feel about everything that happens. When we finally see headlines, it is way after some internet source has given us the story, and five people have commented what they think about the situation.

As “millennials” we do not get our news from CNN or Fox News. We have news sources that give us more than just a well crafted headline and a biased story. There are sides to every story, and we more than most, are able to see that. It is easier to stay informed in a more well-rounded way. So yes, it is so interesting that we get our news in different ways than generations before us, but it should also be a reminder that we can use that information is a way that will benefit us in the future. If knowledge is power, we can have it all if we just, “stay woke.”

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